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Ruth Knaup specializes in working with people in social, medical, therapeutic and pedagogy careers.  She has been active since 1999 as lecturer, trainer and coach, as well as being a psychotherapist and author of books on self-care and finding joy in life.  


She has trained carers and managers in the healthcare branch, she coaches management teams from social facilities and takes great pleasure in communication and negotiation training.


Since 2007 her work has focussed on the subject of burnout. She gives lectures, seminars and workshops on burnout prevention as well as for those suffering from burnout.  

The special focus of her work with those in danger of burnout lies in exploring the potential for control and the possibilities for taking over self-care and personal responsibility.  Body, mind and soul are placed at the centre of her workshops, so that there is both room for exercises in relaxation and movement, as well as creative and playful methods, alongside elements of communication training. 


Her longstanding cooperation partners include the Berlin Senate administration (for further development of teachers), the AGMV (umbrella organization for labour representation of all diaconal facilities in the state of Berlin/Brandenburg), as well as a variety of hospitals, church education institutions and social work support organizations.


Regularly active internationally in Europe; Invited workshop leader at numerous international conferences and symposia.  Since 2015 member of the praparation team of the Northern European Conference for Therapy and Theology.

Seminars, coaching and presentations also given in English.



  • Studied psychology (Certification obtained), German studies and special education


  • Psychotherapist, extensive further development courses in Client-centered Therapy, Gestalt-Therapy, Bibliodrama and Dance-therapeutic approaches (BMC, Laban-Bartennieff)


  • Dancer (ballet, contemporary, dance improvisation, dance theatre); Active for over 20 years as a dancer, choreographer, as well as instructor for dance theater, dance improvisation and Bibliodrama



  • Burnout and self-care (prevention and treatment)

  • Communication and negotiation training

  • Coaching of expert- and management teams in social and church support organizations

  • Dance- and Contactimprovisation as creative and therapeutic process

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